GOLDA "YAME CHA" Green Tea - Loose Leaf (100g)

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green tea 10 (new).jpg

GOLDA "YAME CHA" Green Tea - Loose Leaf (100g)


Yame Cha - This tea comes from the Kuroki town in the city of Yame. Yame is known for producing some of Japan’s finest competition-grade green tea and has won 26 tea awards.

The plantation is 450 meters above sea level and the highest point of Fukuoka prefecture. The guiding philosophy behind its farming is that the health of the soil is directly related to the health of the tea and thus those who drink it. The farm uses a traditional Japanese natural fertilizer called “Abura-Kasu” (oil-cake)which is made purely from oily vegetable dregs. This helps create plants that naturally repel pests.

The soil hosts a vast array of microorganisms and other living creatures that give strong elasticity and a sweet smell. Though we didn’t try, we suspect the soil even tastes good!

In 2006, this was the first Japanese Tea to pass the European Commision’s extremely stringent maximum pesticide residue level legislation in which 1100 pesticides are restricted to between .01 and .05 parts per million. The farm has also been certified organic by Fukuoka’s government since 1998.

Just like the biodynamic farming technique practiced by some of the finest wine-grape growers, each process of takes place at the same time every year.

The climate of Kuroki, rich soil, and careful hand harvesting and processing of the leaves results in a well-balanced cup with a remarkably clean taste. Look for flavors of umami, melon, and flowers.

Common Uses & Recommendations: Green tea of exceptional quality like this produces an intensely vibrant color in the cup. Another sign of the quality is that, used or unused, the tea tastes great to eat! Try incorporating the dry tea into your favorite Furikake (rice-seasoning blend,) or seasoning the used leaves with a soy sauce and folding into rice.

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